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Day 16 of #365DaysOfGrowth, and today I’m sharing a piece of my heart: our new side project, This isn’t just a website; it’s my personal advocacy, a mission to redefine and enrich how we prepare our kids for the future.

I’ve always believed that the traditional school system, while fundamental, is not enough to equip our emerging adults for the complexities of modern life. It’s this belief, coupled with a desire to guide my own children more effectively, that led to the birth of at a Glance:

  • Vision: We imagine a future where emerging adults are not just surviving but thriving, embodying the traits of exemplary adulthood.
  • Mission: Our mission is to empower parents with insights and tools to guide their children towards becoming exceptional adults, providing helpful resources directly to the youth to foster responsible, skilled, and virtuous individuals.
  • Our Philosophy: We don’t just want to raise great kids; we aim to raise kids to become great adults.

Why This Matters to Me: As a father, I see the boundless potential in my children and the children around us. But I also see a world rapidly changing, demanding more than what traditional education and parenting approaches offer. I want to be part of the solution, helping parents like me navigate this journey.

My Goal and Approach:

  • Guiding Parents: is my way of reaching out to parents, offering a resource and engagement tools that go beyond conventional parenting and schooling.
  • Teaching My Kids: As I build and grow, I’m applying these lessons at home, teaching my children about entrepreneurship, responsibility, and the importance of continuous learning. Actually, I will build it together with them, as co-founders.

Long-term Vision: Ultimately, I envision evolving into a business or startup where my children and I can collaborate, creating a legacy of learning and empowerment.

As I share this, I hope to connect with others on similar paths and perhaps inspire those contemplating their own side projects or educational journeys.

  • How are you preparing your children or future generations for the complexities of adulthood?
  • Have you embarked on any personal projects or advocacies that align with your values and aspirations?

Let’s discuss, share, and grow together. Our children are the future, and together, we can prepare them to not just face it but to lead it.

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